Knits: Socks & WIPs

We wrapped up the Cherokee Heights Arts Festival for the year with a successful event and I’m ready to try new things and get some last-minute holiday gifts done!

I’ve been knitting some cozy fall items with socks for Kurt and a kitty cushion for Ginger (both are enjoying them). It’s been fun looking through all of the great patterns on Ravelry for some fresh projects and I’ve found too many to choose from! Here are some of my recent favorites:

Wandering Rose by Rhonda Johnson – These socks are currently on my needles!

Morel Hat by Heidi Marie Robinson – A good looking slouch hat.

Rosazura by Alegria DaSilva – I think I’m going to make this for myself! I need more hats to keep my head warm this winter.

Pretty As A Peacock Shawl – This was featured in one of the Ravelry home page posts recently and  I couldn’t resist buying the pattern. I don’t know who it would be for, but it looks like a fun challenge to knit one day when I’m ready to take on a big project.

Keep warm and happy knitting!

Prints: Untitled (Composition)

Untitled (Composition)


Bold, simple, iconic, geometric, possibly typography. In shiny, happy, super-saturated colors. Another one of those designs that just pops into your head that you have to get down on paper.  Some people see an exclamation point. Others see a flower. Maybe I just watched a bit too much The Price is Right as a kid.

There’s also a rainy day version. Maybe this is my “Trix on Sedatives” moment. Ask Liz about that.


Untitled (Composition)

Prints: Monoprint #17, 2015


We’re gearing up for what looks to be another stellar year for Cherokee Heights Arts Festival this Saturday in Marietta, Georgia. It should be a beautiful day—bright, sunny and cool—perfect for celebrating the creativity that abounds in our neighborhood.

Knits and Prints will have a ton of new work to share, so come out and stop by our booth. With that in mind, here’s a new monoprint fresh from the studio—eight colors on white.

Prints: Salvaged Chevron


When Serena & Lily commissioned a custom run of “Untitled (Chevron)” a couple years back, I ended up with a few extras—misprints tossed aside in the scratch n’ dent file. There they lingered, stuck in limbo on the stack as they couldn’t be used in the official print run nor sold elsewhere. Fast forward one year when I was printing a chevron in metallic gold. On a lark, I overprinted on one of the discarded prints. The gold looked good paired with the white and orange so I printed a few more, cut them down and made them available as a set of three-color miniature prints.

One of my favorite things about screenprinting is having the chance to revisit old work with fresh eyes and potentially create something new. Sometimes the old work holds up on its own and I wonder why I dismissed it in the first place. Other times an additional layer of color is just enough to push it to the next level. This proved to be the case with Chevron 2.0.

These salvaged prints—along with many new hand-screened editioned prints and monoprints—will be available at Cherokee Heights Arts Festival in Marietta, Georgia on Saturday, November 14.

Prints: Monoprint #16, 2015


One of those perfect moments where the artwork nearly created itself: hard-edged artwork, center-on-center composition, one thing after another. To quote my eighth grade math teacher (or maybe Don Judd): boom, done, finished. Magenta, red and white on gray stock. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Festival Knits: Gloves

The blog may be quiet, but the needles have been working at top speed on fingerless gloves for our neighborhood arts festival in November. It may seem a bit repetitive, but I find working on these one after another a fun exploration. It allows me to tweak my patterns and ideas immediately on the next version, seeing where variations will go through stitch pattern, color or even yarn weight. I get to refine my designs and make one-of-a-kind pieces. After all is done, I may have a new pattern or two to share!

Prints: Trendsetter. Doubtful.


Check out this fabulous packaging design* from 2015. Notice any similarities between it and my screen prints from 2013? Now, while I’d love to pull out that famous phrase about imitation and sincerity and flattery from the dusty bin of cliches and apply it here, I think that this is purely coincidental.

Or maybe, possibly something was floating through the air at that time. Dare I say a “trend”? Could my color choice have been “on trend” at that moment in time? I certainly hope not, because I spent a considerable amount of time choosing the colors for those two prints and that would make them feel cheap. I found those four colors to be quite harmonious and a perfect set. Apparently others had the same idea.


So, okay, so to circle back again to my original theory, maybe it was a bit of copying. After all there are only two cartons in this example and there are only two versions of my print “Untitled (Crown).” Maybe my prints were ahead of the curve.

I joke, of course. I’m just excited to see someone out there thinking the same thing, exploring similar ideas and experimenting with unconventional color choices in a commercial setting.

*The example above is actually a fictitious packaging design created by Alexander Roth for German font foundry FontShop Int’l to demonstrate the use of Monotype’s Neue Haas Unica. A beautiful sans serif font, by the way.