Ruched Hats

I experimented with some ruched hat designs last year and was inspired to try again with the general tam pattern I’ve been using. This first one used up the rest of two skeins I had left over from another hat. Once the decreases started, I stopped adding stitches for the ruche and kept the needle size the same, which made the rows between multi-color panels more pronounced.

Pattern: Ruched Tam – version 1
Source: Original pattern
Yarn: Leftover skeins, pink and multi-red
Completed: 01.22.11
Available on Etsy

I decided to try another modified version where all the panels to the crown are ruched, adding stitches and changing needle sizes to keep the texture the same throughout the hat. The tweed yarn works nicely with this pattern.

Pattern: Ruched Tam – version 2
Source: Original pattern
Yarn: Lionbrand Fisherman’s Wool, maple tweed, 100% wool
Completed: 01.23.11
Available on Etsy

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