Green Cabled Hat

I liked the cabled hat pattern so much, I wanted to try it using this beautiful yarn from Lionbrand. I modified the decrease on the crown a bit more to make it a bit rounder and allow the hat to be made with just one skein (they are rather small). The length seems to be perfect!

Pattern: Cabled Hat
Source: original pattern
Yarn: Lionbrand Amazing in Rainforest
Completed: 0227.11
Available on Etsy

Cabled Hats & Scarf

This is the most recent batch of items I have created. I had a request for a hat and scarf in this beautiful Eggplant color. I decided to create play with texture so I started with creating the hat. To continue with texture, I designed the scarf to combine the cable with a chevron pattern to keep it from becoming too bulky. I made sure the pattern would look beautiful from both sides, with the added bonus of creating a three-dimensional edge. I can’t wait to make one of these for myself! The hat went over well, so I made one more in Heather Gray.

Pattern: Eggplant Cabled Hat
Source: original design
Yarn: Lionbrand Woolease in Eggplant
Completed: 02.13.11

Pattern: Eggplant Scarf
Source: original design
Yarn: Lionbrand Woolease in Eggplant
Completed: 02.24.11

Pattern: heather Gray Cabled Hat
Source: original design
Yarn: Paton’s Classic Wool in gray
Completed: 02.2611

Striped Tam Set

I made these for my best friend’s niece to choose from. I love making these tams with the simple stripe pattern, each color combination gives it a different personality and they are quick to knit up.

Pattern: Tam
Source: Hats On! by Charlene Schurch (with alterations)
Yarn: Lionbrand Woolease in Zinnia, Avocado, Paprika and Gray
Completed: 02.15.11 & 02.16.11

Baby Blanket

I created this baby blanket for a friend’s first baby. I used Bernat Baby Sport, which conveniently comes in a large skein big enough for the project. I decided to use a pattern named “Cable Chevron” out of the book Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein. I knit in the pattern as written for half of the blanket and then created a flat area for embroidery in the middle for about 2 inches and then finished the rest of the blanket in reverse order to mirror the pattern from the middle. I embroidered some small flowers and the baby’s name in the middle for the final touch.

Pattern: Cable Chevron
Source: Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein
Yarn: Bernat Baby Sport, Ecru
Completed: 02.10.11