Free Knit Pattern: Gingerbread Icing Hat

I’ve made this hat a few times and it always turns out nice! Here are my pattern notes if you’d like to try it. Please note that the decrease rows may take a bit of finesse from the knitter near the top!


Knit Pattern: Herringbone Rib Fingerless Gloves

This pattern is a beautiful herringbone texture – the pattern is mirrored on palm and back of the hand and is continued over the thumb. Pattern can be made with US6 or US7 to achieve slightly different looks. The smaller needles make a shorter and smoother glove when worn (gray glove). The Larger needles create a longer and more textured glove when worn (green glove).

This pattern is available in my Etsy site for $2.50:

Also available on Craftsy for the same price:


Started printing this past weekend with mixed results. The green printed beautifully, the magenta still prints very watery and translucent–even straight out of the can. Mixing some additional pigments helped even out the consistency, but this will require a bit more work. I paused the edition halfway through. But I was able to get some great monoprints out of the session, like the four-color print posted here.

Knit Pattern: Two-Color Gradation Fingerless Gloves

This pattern is a fun textured fingerless glove with stripes that move between two colors.  The pattern includes directions for a shorter and longer version of the cuff as shown. These gloves also have a nice amount of stretch thanks to the ribbed pattern.

Size: Teen/Adult
Needles: Size US 3 dpn
Yarn: Worsted weight – 2 colors.

Purchase at my Etsy site for $2.50:

Also available on Craftsy for the same price:

Knit Pattern: Twisted Rib Reversible Hat

This pattern is a very simple reversible rib patterned hat, great for men and women alike. The decreases at the crown are designed to minimize the interruption of the rib pattern and creates a nice round crown to the hat. The pattern as written runs a bit longer over the forehead and ears for a warm winter hat.

Size: Adult
Needles: Size US 8 circular and/or don
Yarn: Worsted weight or slightly heavier med weight – 1 skein

Purchase at my Etsy site for $2.50:

Also available on Craftsy for the same price:

Free Knit Pattern: Trellis Fingerless Gloves

I wanted to explore a few new techniques and play with the shape and texture of the gloves. The result was this pattern for Trellis gloves. It utilizes size 4 & 8 needles to create a finer ribbed section and decorative picot edging. I hope you enjoy!


Pattern was updated 01/22/13.

March Knit Lab: Custom Marl/Tweed

I’ve  had some requests for manly hats, but I wanted to make them more interesting to knit! Since its best to keep the pattern simple, I’ve  stuck with a rib stitch. I rummaged through my yarn stash to see what neutrals I had and was struck with the idea to pair a light gray worsted weight with some leftover fingering weight sock-ease to create a custom marl/ tweed effect. It allows me to add a little color while keeping the hat fairly neutral.

Here are the colors I’ve used, but it can be done with any of the great sock yarns out there.

Finished Hat: Lion Brand Wool-ease Oxford Gray & Sock-ease Toffee
Hat-in-progress: Wool-ease Natural Heather & Patons Kroy Socks Grey Brown Marl

Post a reply with your combos!

Things We Like: Trust

Wow. Could this be the album of the year? As far as I’m concerned, the competition could end right here, right now.

Do you like your electronics with a hint of drama? A bit of atmosphere with beats to match? Do you want something with a wisp of goth but without the guilt? Then this one is for you.

The Canadian duo Trust totally nails it on their new record “Trst”, with an icy, dare I say, dark take on electronic music that pulls from the very best of retro EBM and synth pop without sounding derivative or desperate. They take enough chances with sounds, textures, and attitude to keep it completely up to date. All of this plus hooks to die for.

So go listen to your new favorite band (and ours) now. No, seriously. Now. Go.