Free Knit Pattern: Trellis Fingerless Gloves

I wanted to explore a few new techniques and play with the shape and texture of the gloves. The result was this pattern for Trellis gloves. It utilizes size 4 & 8 needles to create a finer ribbed section and decorative picot edging. I hope you enjoy!


Pattern was updated 01/22/13.

6 thoughts on “Free Knit Pattern: Trellis Fingerless Gloves

  1. I absolutely love this fingerless glove pattern. Would It be able to be knitted in sport weight yarn and if so what adjustments would be required? Thank you very much.

  2. Hi April –

    I am not sure about using sport weight, but my recommendation would be to do a test swatch at the recommended needle size and see if it works for you. You can always go up a needle size or so if needed, but it will probably be a lighter weight, looser feel to the gloves. That may be quite nice!

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