Free Knit Pattern: Trellis Fingerless Gloves

I wanted to explore a few new techniques and play with the shape and texture of the gloves. The result was this pattern for Trellis gloves. It utilizes size 4 & 8 needles to create a finer ribbed section and decorative picot edging. I hope you enjoy!


Pattern was updated 01/22/13.


6 thoughts on “Free Knit Pattern: Trellis Fingerless Gloves

  1. I absolutely love this fingerless glove pattern. Would It be able to be knitted in sport weight yarn and if so what adjustments would be required? Thank you very much.

    • Hi April –

      I am not sure about using sport weight, but my recommendation would be to do a test swatch at the recommended needle size and see if it works for you. You can always go up a needle size or so if needed, but it will probably be a lighter weight, looser feel to the gloves. That may be quite nice!

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