April Knit Lab V: Subtle ZigZag Hat (III)

For my third iteration of this hat I decided to knit the brim without any increase/decrease a bit longer than the second version. I also reduced the size of the decorative band between the brim and hat body – it consists of 2 rows of garter stitch twice with 2 rows of stockinette in between. I also switched yarn to Malabrigo Silky Merino in Smoke, which shows the pattern off beautifully and has a wonderful feel.

I really like how the subtle changes from the last hat made this version feel more appropriate for both men and women. I think I will do one more iteration on this hat to make the brim just a bit longer and remove the decorative garter stitch rows. The pattern in the hat body are distorting the top garter stitch row a bit and I’d rather it be more streamlined. I think I’ll get some more of this yarn for the last version.

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