Prints: Untitled

Here’s a new screen print completed this past weekend in an edition of five. Like most of my prints, I’ve left this one untitled. Though, right now I can’t even give it a shorthand name, as nothing comes to mind that seems remotely appropriate or obvious.

I’ve always been reluctant to title my work, as that seems to imply that there’s more going on behind the scenes. It tends to encourage viewers to try and decipher some sort of hidden meaning or riddle that is assumed to be imbued in the work, lending the pictures an artificial weight. I prefer using the Frank Stella mantra, “what you see is what you see”, which reinforces the fact that these pieces are exercises in form and color that should be enjoyed as such. Perhaps the series as a whole will have a title, some sort of frame to offer the group a bit of context, but we’ll have to wait some time longer to find out how that works out.

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