Progress Report: August 2012

Its been a while since I’ve posted an update on my progress, but I’ve been having a very busy month starting with the Olympics and Ravelry’s Ravellenic Games 2012 challenge. I decided to do the Sagrantino Shawl in a beautiful gray, which was a challenge because I normally don’t work on larger pieces. This would probably have been fine over the course of the Olympics, but on the eve of the challenge, I got in a number of custom orders through Etsy. The first one was a rush order for two hats that I needed to finish within a week. I got those done, but it took up a number of days and then I had to fight to the finish to get the shawl completed and blocked by Sunday afternoon!

After that I went right into another custom order for a dog sweater – so much fun to knit and each one is different because I customize the fit to each dog. Its amazing how different dogs are! I’ll be starting on a second dog sweater and then I have a number of standard hats for another order. Those should be easy since I don’t have to modify the pattern. I’ll be knitting away through the end of the month, then I hope to get back to finishing up the Puff Mitt pattern to post!

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