Knit Pattern: Buttoned Puff Mitts

After a long delay, I finally circled back around to complete the Buttoned Puff Mitts pattern. This fun pattern was inspired by puffy sleeves and buttoned boots and gloves. They blur the line between mitts and gloves while leaving your fingers free for texting or typing.

Click here to see the pattern available on Etsy for $2.50

Click here to see the pattern available on Craftsy for $2.50

Wake Up Call

Last time I checked in, the humidity had shot past acceptable levels in the studio and it became impossible to pull prints without the ink quickly turning to sludge. It was time to hit the “Pause” button. And so summer lurched on. And on. And on. And then, “Wham!”, Labor Day smacks you square in the jaw and it’s full steam ahead. A race to the finish. “Finish” being December 31st. So here we are a few weeks into printing season and away we go!

I cranked out a quick edition last weekend to get things going. After a bit of touch-up work, it’s just about ready to post. Stay tuned for that guy in the coming days.

But in the meantime, check out this monoprint that was borne from a make-ready of print sessions past. Funny how some of the best ideas come when you’re not really thinking. The colors and composition were arrived at over time from a couple of different editions.

On a related note, we’ll have more prints, more knits, more things we like (or don’t), and more of anything else we care to post this Fall. Please join us. It’ll be good.

Progress report: new hats

After finishing the last few projects, I wanted to get to a hat design I’ve been thinking about for a Christmas present for my mom. The hats pictured above are my first two attempts at figuring it out. I used Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Byzantine for the first try. It turned out smaller than I expected, but I generally liked the pattern. I liked the feel of the yarn, but wanted to work in worsted weight for a nice warm hat. I switched to Madelinetosh Tosh Merino since I had a skein in my stash (in Turquoise) and tried the pattern adjusted for the weight. This hat turned out nice, but it lost the Tam quality with the ribbed pattern. I still think its a nice looser fitting hat and the stitch detail is strong with the colorway. This gave me the info I needed to work out a good Tam pattern that balances out the need for fullness with some pattern detail. The next round of hats will be posting soon!

Progress report: Shawl finished!

With diligence and time, I finally finished the beautiful Wellen shawl this weekend. I love the color I chose (Madelinetosh Tosh Lace in Saffron), but it really came to life when I blocked the piece to reveal the gorgeous play of the pattern. Its amazing what a complete transformation happens in that final step! So I can mark off another christmas present complete. After I finished using the finest yarn I’ve knit with to date, I knit up a quick short scarf with some chunky yarn that had been hanging out at the bottom of one of my stash bins. It was really interesting to go from one extreme to the other.

September Progress Report – Dog Sweaters!

I’ve been working through a few more custom requests this past week and just finished up these two cute dog sweaters! The pattern is based off of an argyle pattern I used before, but the color changing yarn makes it extra fun! In addition I got in a request for a pair of  Cuffed ZigZag Mitts in an Alpaca and silk blend for someone allergic to wool. I used Blue Sky Alpacas’ Alpaca Silk in Sapphire. What a wonderfully luxurious yarn – so soft! I love trying new yarn. Now I’m back to personal projects, trying to finish up a lace shawl for a Christmas present. Hopefully I’ll be posting pics of it soon.

Progress report – Start of September

It seems I am officially in custom request season now. I’ve had a steady stream of requests for custom dog sweaters and custom orders of available items from the Etsy store. Above is my largest order to date for 5 different colors of the Herringbone Aviator hat. I’ve also been working on a Christmas gift for one of my aunts and I’m in the process of working on two argyle dog sweaters, which are coming along nicely – pictures to come soon.