Knit Pattern: Meringue Tam

This tam design came from a desire to create a nice full hat that would look cute with short hair and have some nice cable detail. I worked hard to create make the decreases even and as invisible as possible. The result reminds me of a meringue cookie! I hope you enjoy it!

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Prints: October 7, 2012

I started work on a new edition on Sunday afternoon. The weather was a lot colder than yesterday, with periods of gray overcast skies and periodic gusts of wind. To be precise, the high temperature for the day was 66°F, achieved at 1:45PM. The artwork is a hard-edged geometric design. The screen is painted. Paper and ink colors to be determined.

Knitting Diversion: Stitch Markers

My friend Sonya and I went on a trip to Denver in June and among other things, we visited Fabric Bliss, a great little shop focused on knitting and sewing. It was here that I was introduced to the gorgeous hand painted yarn of Madelinetosh. They also had some adorable beaded stitch markers. Sonya makes jewelry, so we got some beads on our trip and she gave me some beautiful beaded stitch markers for my birthday.

I was so inspired that I’ve tried my hand at some stitch markers of my own with the more standard fare available at my local craft stores. I’ve had so much fun making them, I can see why jewelry making is so addictive! I’ll be giving some of these away to my knitting friends and I shouldn’t run out of stitch markers anytime soon!

Progress Report: Meringue Tam development

This project started out as a quest to make a Tam worthy of a Christmas present for my mom. We both have short hair and it takes a nice fluffy winter hat to look cute. I took one element from the last two hats I made and integrated it into a generously bulky tam increase to even it out. The result is this sweet hat that reminded me of a meringue cookie, even to the way the decorative elements come together at the top. After a few adjustments I refined the decreases to be as unobtrusive as possible. One more test hat and I’ll be releasing this pattern for everyone to enjoy!

The first hat pictured was created with Cascade Yarns Eco Duo – a deliciously soft and beautifully undyed combo of alpaca and merino. I’ll be ordering more of this in the future.