What’s Old is New Again

Kurt Seidle, "Untitled (Double Arrow)"

This one was actually printed way back in September, but distractions (mainly other side projects) obscured my view and pulled me away. Yet this faux pas may have been a blessing in disguise, as I now have something new to share with you in the new year.

As you may have gathered, the workshop is closed for the winter. But during these cold, dark days, I’ll be pulling out some new one-offs, hidden favorites, and other obscure inventory to fill in the gaps. Hopefully they’ll lift your spirits and remind you of the warmer, brighter days ahead.

The holiday season, for me, is a time to reflect on the past year and things done and left undone. But it’s also a time to look forward to new ideas and new opportunities. I’m very much looking forward to sharing new ideas and new work with you in 2013.

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