Knit Lab: Marietta Cobb Museum of Art Yarn Installation Pieces

In January a neighbor of mine told me about a yarn installation project that will be happening at my local art museum and suggested that I should volunteer to help out. I was excited to have an opportunity to work with other local knitters, so I went to the first free workshop last week to help teach. I had a really fun time – its great to see people picking it up so quickly! There were three of us there to help with knitting and we all had different techniques for casting on. We each took a few people and showed them our technique.

The long orange and burgundy piece above the was sampler that I started that night and ended up finishing a few days later. It was fun to just knit and not worry about a pattern. I also decided to dig out my pinwheel project from last year and sew them together into a piece to donate to the installation. I had used various weights of yarn, so it has a more organic feel. It was fun to see how the colors all work together.

I’ll be digging out some more partial skeins and scraps to knit a few more samplers before they’re due in June. Its fun to see all the talent and energy that will come together to make this happen.

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