Things We Like: Double Standards for Perlon


Berlin design consultancy Double Standards continues to deliver outstanding cover art for Perlon, the label (also of Berlin) famous for bringing ultra-tight minimal techno to the surface (if you’re curious, Pantytec’s “Pony Slaystation” is still a solid favorite). For the label’s 15th birthday, Double Standards curated – or arranged, rather – an exhibition of each and every Perlon release which is now on display at Bureau Mueller.

Huge typography is clipped and cropped and printed up in shocking fluorescents. That’s really about it, but it does make for a dizzying, disorienting read. And it’s a weirdly euphoric experience. After all, why should a cover need a photograph, an illustration or even whole words to tell a story? Double Standards prefers to set the mood and let the songs do the talking. Staying true to the music, the covers feature a minimum of parts maxed out to full effect. The beats skip, stutter, slip and slide like the words across the covers; drifting by and bubbling up with a subdued pulse that throbs just below the surface.







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