Knit Progress: Brioche Baby Blanket!

Its been a while since I’ve posted on knitting, but for good reason. I took most of last month to create a baby blanket. I attended the shower, so now I can post the pictures without ruining the surprise!

I recently got a book on brioche knitting techniques titled Knitting Brioche: The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch by Nancy Marchant. It is filled with an amazing array of brioche knitting techniques and I found it almost overwhelming with possibilities. Its a great resource that is well written with good photography of the technique. I was able to figure it out from the book without jumping on youtube for instructional videos :). I really love the look of the two color brioche stitch, and the blanket was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I added columns of cable stitches to give it a little more punch. I really like the way it turned out using a solid cream for one side and a multi-color yarn for the other. It makes the white raised rib side look like piped icing, which I think any little girl would like.

As it turns out, my little kitty Ginger thought I had made this blanket for her. I had to shoo her off it it more than once to a disgruntled meow. The brioche technique makes such a thick and warm fabric, its perfect for a blanket or throw.

If you haven’t tried the technique, I highly recommend it. It does take longer to build progress since you are essentially knitting each row twice, but it makes such a beautiful double-sided fabric. Once you get the trick of it, it is fairly easy to do.

2 thoughts on “Knit Progress: Brioche Baby Blanket!

  1. What an absolutely gorgeous blanket!! I’ve been tempted to try Brioche and after seeing your project, and reading your thoughts on Nancy Marchant’s book, I must try this 🙂

  2. I hope you enjoy it if you try it – I know the next time I need to make a blanket I’m going to try another variation. 🙂

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