Things We Like: Jessy Lanza’s “Kathy Lee”

Jessy Lanza "Kathy Lee" Hyperdub

We just can’t get enough of the video for Jessy Lanza’s recent “Kathy Lee”. The video features mundane street scenes of Hamilton, Ontario as a backdrop for the mysterious Dancing Guy, Jed, to do his thing. As you’ll see, the location is as much the star as the dancing man appears to be. You continually anticipate something remarkable happening only to be offered more scenes of Jed dancing with himself. Spoiler alert: nothing does happen. The video is totally anticlimactic, but somehow still hypnotic and irresistible.

Taken from her recent Hyperdub release, “Pull My Hair Back” —a collaboration with Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan—the track is essentially the product of an IDM/techno nerd’s fascination with R&B. We mean that in the best possible way, of course, but it’s true—the songs can be both awkward and smooth, glitchy but still funky. If you’re familiar with Junior Boys, then you’ll surely appreciate this weird mix of chilly electronics and warm R&B grooves. It’s a combination that seems odd on paper but meshes really quite well in execution—Lanza’s sultry coo and lonely synth smoothing out the glitchy edges that click, pop and hiss.

If your average Tiger-Cat fan is this cool and dudes dance in the streets at random, then we’re booking our flights to YHM tomorrow. For a springtime visit, of course.

Knits: Post Festival Round-up


A few weeks ago we participated in our local Annual Arts Festival and had a great turnout! A lot of the knits made over the last year found new homes as well as some of the new prints created this fall. My favorite experience of the day was when a woman came up to the booth a pulled out a fingerless glove from her purse. She’d bought the pair from me at the festival a few years ago but had lost one. She liked them so much she wanted to see if I could make her another one and I was happy to accommodate the request–the gloves picture above are the result. It was fun to knit up one of the old patterns and I was even able to use a few new tricks I’ve learned since then to make them a bit better.

In addition the the gloves, the great sock race continues. Another two pairs are complete with another on the needles. The pair on the right is another pair of  Cadence Socks by Very Busy Monkey, this time in the festive Vanna’s Glamour in onyx. The other pair is the pattern Brigit by Monkey Toes in Premier Yarns Serenity Sock in Woodsy Green. This pattern is simple  but with twist that makes it special and the color turned out to be a nice match for the pattern.

Not much time left, but I have a few more pairs of socks I am hoping to finish by mid-December, then I plan to start working on some new patterns of my own in the new year.

Prints: Untitled (Chip)


Just in time for the Cherokee Heights Arts Festival this weekend—where Knits & Prints will be representing once again—I finished up a new four-color piece printed up on chipboard. I was curious to see how a crisp, geometric design would look on a raw, natural-looking substrate. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it holds up quite well. A nice little print, it is.

Knit Progress: Socks and more socks!

I kind of got obsessed with socks and decided that was what everyone was going to get for Christmas this year – or at least as many as I can make in the short window of time left. I’ve made pretty good progress so far and have bought most of the yarn I’ll need.

I found a number of free patterns on Ravelry that I’ve really liked. The first shown above is  Paraphernalia by Taina Anttila. I’ve knit this pattern twice – they make a nice long stretchy socks with an impressive looking cable pattern that is easy to knit. I used Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Fingering in the color Catholic Girls. The picture doesn’t do the yarn justice – it is a beautiful combination of deep jewel tones in blue, teal, purple, green and black. The second pair is in classic black Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight Solids.

I also wanted to make some manly socks and found this pattern Escalator Socks by Sara Amoroso. It creates an interesting pattern and a thick fabric, great for socks to wear around the house in winter. I’ve taken a break and moved on to some other socks because I have more time to get those done than some of the others I want to do. I think they are coming along nicely.

The most recent pair completed is Effervesce by Purrlescent in Vanna’s Glamour in gold. This is a fun pair of socks that I decided to make with yarn that would match another piece I knit for the friend who will receive them. She has the personality to pull off some sparkly socks! These turned out great and weren’t too bad to knit despite all of the cable work. The fact that it changed over the course of the sock kept it from becoming too tedious.

Just a few more pairs to go!