Things We Like: Trust / Joyland

Trust / Joyland

Trust just released their sophomore effort Joyland a couple weeks back. As you might know from reading this blog, we’re very much into Trust. I dread trying to categorize them, but just know that their music is totally synthetic and totally irresistible (i.e. catchy electronic pop). But there’s enough weirdness and darkness throughout to keep things interesting. Trying to keep up with Robert Alfons’ shapeshifting vocals, for one, is pretty much an act of futility. But one you’ll be entranced by nonetheless.

While perhaps not quite as good as their debut, there are more than enough stellar tunes on Joyland (like “Rescue, Mister”)  to keep us coming back for more. Who knows? Maybe after a few more spins we’ll love the whole thing. But for now we’re just happy to have Trust back in our lives.

They’re going on tour, too.

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