Prints: Cautionary Tale


I opened up the workshop this weekend and tried my hand at pulling a few prints. A new edition is all set to go next week but this was my chance to clean up, take stock, and loosen up with some new colors and old art. Working out the kinks proved a bit easier this year, though I did spend way too much time out there playing around with multiple colors and random paper stocks. It’s just too easy to get lost in the process and try out way too many things. Some things work. Others don’t. But I suppose that’s when new concepts emerge, so I usually roll with it and see where things go. No time like the present.

For the practice run I pulled out some of my very first Marietta screens and printed a short run of single versions of my “Untitled (Double Negative)” print. They turned out pretty well. Well enough that I think I’m ready to retire these screens and make room for some new artwork. Can’t wait to get started!

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