Knit Progress: Pillows

Good things come in threes! While my knitting has slowed down, I’ve enjoyed creating some simple double knit pillows that have allowed me to explore combining various yarn from my stash. Using the technique I picked up from a frogged project, I decided to use it to knit both sides of a pillow at the same time to avoid trying to line up color blocking or figure out the proper length and maintain clean seams easily. The only trick is to make sure you don’t miss a stitch and accidentally knit the  opposite faces together in the process.

Using multiple strands of yarn at once increases the chance of picking up part of an adjacent stitch, but the color variation is well worth it! Different strands of yarn come to the surface in each stitch, giving the fabric created extra depth and variety.

Here is my simple pattern for the pillows above (makes a cover for a 16˝ pillow):

I used 3 strands of yarn at any given time: worsted or bulky and sock weight.

US 10 circular needle

Long-tail CO 94 st.

P1, sl 1 for each row.
You will be working half of the stitches in each row, creating one side of a double-sided fabric.

Work in purl double knit until square.
BO 2 inches together
BO active stitches on the side, placing the “sl” stitches on a separate needle to create an opening until 2 inches from end.
Work in p1, sl1 to end of row.
BO 2 inches together and then BO remaining sts on second needle for second side.
Sew in invisible zipper to opening.

Enjoy your pillow!

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