Knit Progress: New Sock Patterns in Development

Its been a while since I posted new knitting, but that is because work has been super busy and I am putting the finishing touches on two knit patterns that I will be releasing on Etsy in the next few weeks.

I was planning to move on from sock knitting, but my husband enjoyed his Christmas socks so much that I decided to make him a few more pairs to add to the rotation. I wanted to make him a pair with a simple ribbed pattern that was still interesting to knit, but easy to keep track of rows so I didn’t have to use a stitch counter. The result is pictured above. I like the subtle detailing, it almost looks like a cable.

Since I had designed a pair of socks for my husband, I had to make a pair for myself! I wanted something that would have pretty details, ideal for a solid or mostly solid color sock yarn. I liked the idea of cabling, but didn’t want to have the sock get too bulky. I used a slip stitch cabling technique I learned in earlier patterns and really like how it creates cables but still retains the stretchy lightness of the ribbing.

Still a bit more proofing to do, but these should be ready soon!

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