Prints: Untitled (Corporate Identity)


It’s finally here! My latest four-color print is now complete. Actually, it’s been done for a while but I’ve been wrestling with the decision of which way to orient it for quite some time. You see, these are the types of decisions that really occupy my time in the studio. You know, the really, truly heavy ones. Like, whether it’s the bright orange and purple on top or the magenta and metallic gold.

Bright, saturated color was what I was after with this guy—and pursuing something a little more complex than my typical two-color editions. I’m looking forward to exploring this route further. Two-color art—and even one-color work—can be beautiful, but why put a limit on it? One of my favorite things about this process is getting to work with rich colors, so let’s see where things go. Gaudy? Possibly. Ugly? Never. Why not see how far I can push it.

Experience has proven that I have no trouble limiting myself, so I know I’ll be back to some nice, safe and oh so sublime minimal aesthetics before long. Mark my words, but enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Going public in the shop.



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