Ready. Set. Go.


The workshop is cleaned out, cleaned up and ready to go. Artwork has been selected, paper’s in, color choices are becoming clear, and a schedule is in place.  That last one is a first. I usually have so many ideas and then tend to get seduced by the latest sketch (which then sends me off course), that I thought I’d try implementing a schedule. Buckling down and charting a course that includes a select number of favorite ideas might lead to some interesting results. Or maybe just more results. That’s the thinking, of course.

Conversely, I’m trying to loosen up a bit more in terms of working method. I was a little too rigid in the spring and therefore was unable to get as many prints out as I would have liked. I’m going with more forgiving artwork and compositions than in seasons past and will adopt a more go-with-the-flow attitude—even it it requires some reminding now and again. Embracing the process and embracing more of the mistakes this time out.

I have one edition under my belt so far and the process seems to be working well. I’m very much looking forward to more. Here’s hoping you are too.


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