Things We Like: Linea Aspera

Linea Aspera

How did we miss this one? Way back in 2011, the here-and-gone duo Linea Aspera delivered the goods via one short and sweet full-length album (plus a few EPs). Really, just about every track is perfect; smooth electronics and sultry vocals converge, bound by stellar hooks. And just like everything else these days, what’s old is new again: retro synth-pop, goth aesthetics and post-punk attitude duke it out on the dance floor. Though, in typical introspective fashion it requires some coaxing. The songs slink slowly out from the corners only to gain a fiery power that’s simply trance inducing. And, sure, while some lyrics leave something to be desired, the experience grows on you with the delivery and the atmosphere being enough to carry the day.

It’s rare that a young act can it all right: the inspiration, the attitude, the tools, the looks, the songs, the hooks (those last two, sadly, the most neglected). But Linea Aspera did it. In just a sliver of time, no less. We’ll take all we can get.

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