Free knit pattern: Dalek Hooded Baby Blanket

In the pursuit of creating a unique baby shower gift, I decided to design my own Dalek inspired hooded baby blanket. I used the super chunky Bernat Blanket yarn that knits up quickly and allowed me to create details like the the bobbles at a scale in proportion to the overall blanket. I was so pleased with the results that I wanted to share it for free!

Here are the details:
– knits from the bottom up on US 13 needles
– Uses approx. 330 yds of super chunky yarn
– Knit flat and the top edges are joined with Kitchener stitch to create the hood.
– Overall size is 31 inches tall by 28 inches (flat) wide at the bottom and 14 inches (flat) wide at the top.

Pattern includes both written and chart instructions.
– Includes links to videos explaining how to create bobbles, welts, and Kitchener stitch joins.

Free – Download the Dalek Hooded Baby Blanket Pattern!

Enjoy, you Doctor Who fans!

12 thoughts on “Free knit pattern: Dalek Hooded Baby Blanket

  1. I see that the pattern says you need circular needles. Are these necessary for the pattern to work out properly since it is worked flat or will straight needles work fine?

  2. I just started working this pattern (it’s going to be a “lovey” for my 7 year-old Whovian) and I’m a little confused about the part of the instructions where it says to repeat rows 2 1/2 times. Does it mean for you to work half a row and then turn the work or is there something I am missing?

  3. The written instructions don’t quite match the chart. The written instructions say row 1 purl all and row 2 knit all. The charts shows purl all for both rows. Also rows 10 and 11 – the written instructions say purl the first 2 for row 10 and knit the first 2 for row 11. The chart says knit the first 2 on each row. Which is correct? Am I reading the chart wrong. I’m a new knitter.

  4. I’ll update the key at the bottom of the chart. The chart shows the pattern from the front (all right-side rows), the directions are written for flat knitting (you knit the right side and wrong side rows), so a purl on the right side would be a knit on the wrong side. I hope that makes sense!

  5. Thanks for the explanation and the fun looking pattern. I’m new to charts and still learning. Your note helped a lot. I just got my yarn and am looking forward to knitting this for some friends who are adopting a baby in Feb. The husband is a big Dr Who fan. I think he will get a kick out of the blanket. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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