Knits: Honeycomb Patchwork


While I haven’t posted knit projects in a while, I have been a busy little worker bee. The most recent project being my Honeycomb patchwork mini-blanket. I created this stash of hexagons over a year ago and recently found them in a full box just waiting to be pieced together.

I had fun deciding the order. At first I was going to randomize, but I can’t help liking the more ordered approach of a gradient – especially with a bunch of pieces in the same color. I didn’t want them to bunch up in a clunky way. I decided to chain crochet them together with sock weight yarn, which worked well and make the work quicker.

Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I enjoy looking back at all the different yarn and remembering the other projects they are a part of. Happy knitting!

Here’s a link to the pattern for the hexagons.