Prints: Severance Package


Earlier this season, I found some leftover misprints from my Untitled (Corporate Identity) piece just sort of hanging out there in the workshop. I’d stare at them and they’d glare back. They were clearly waiting for something, but I wasn’t sure just what. After some hemming, hawing and dead ends I decided to circle back around and use one of the original screens from the first edition and just let it roll.

The artwork is so dynamic with its mix of hard edges and curves, that flipping the misprints around and overprinting them made for some compelling compositions and color studies. Even more, the stencil just prints so easily and cleanly that each print comes out like butter. It wasn’t by design, but the position of stencil on screen is absolutely perfect. Printing with it has been a pleasure, never a pain.

Now I don’t ever want to overstay my welcome, so when it came time to print I had to make myself a promise: I absolutely had to destroy the screen once all of the misprints were used. So while you might see some more pieces that incorporate this artwork, know that they all came from this last session.

Bon voyage, buddy boy. You done good.