May Knit Lab: ZigZag Fingerless Mitt Prototype I

Knitting has slowed down a bit this month, I’ve been catching up on some reading and smoothing out the wrinkles in some of the previous patterns I’ve released. I’ve been so focused on hats, that I wanted to do another fingerless mitt pattern and thought one matching the ZigZag Swirl hat would be fun.

The first prototype is pictured above (I actually frogged one before this that was almost complete, but I didn’t like the bottom cuff). I am knitting these from the top down and have already started a second version that refines a few points on this one. I have decided to enlarge the thumb section to double it over like the top and bottom to give it more weight and a finished edge. I am also going to reduce the flair at the bottom a bit. Look for more progress soon!

April Knit Lab V: Subtle ZigZag Hat (III)

For my third iteration of this hat I decided to knit the brim without any increase/decrease a bit longer than the second version. I also reduced the size of the decorative band between the brim and hat body – it consists of 2 rows of garter stitch twice with 2 rows of stockinette in between. I also switched yarn to Malabrigo Silky Merino in Smoke, which shows the pattern off beautifully and has a wonderful feel.

I really like how the subtle changes from the last hat made this version feel more appropriate for both men and women. I think I will do one more iteration on this hat to make the brim just a bit longer and remove the decorative garter stitch rows. The pattern in the hat body are distorting the top garter stitch row a bit and I’d rather it be more streamlined. I think I’ll get some more of this yarn for the last version.

April Knit Lab IV: fine knit Cloche II

I really liked the way the first hat turned out, but I wanted to try another version with a shorter brim and a transitional element between the doubled over brim and the body of the hat. While I like seeing more of the pattern in the hat, I think I would have preferred not including the increases in the doubled over brim section. Its short enough that it doesn’t really need any flare. This one is also a bit longer, which I think will work better for people with long or thick hair.

I may try one more version with one last modification somewhere in-between on the brim before writing out the pattern. I really enjoy the subtle pattern of the hat – its a departure from the really textural stitches I usually pick.

April Knit Lab II: Gingerbread Ear Flap Hat

I’m revisiting the gingerbread icing pattern one more time to create an ear flap version of the hat. I’ve made one or two of these in the recent past, but wanted to figure out the pattern and make it available to you! On this first prototype I’m adjusting the pattern on the ear flaps and trying out a rolled over brim for a cleaner edge. It will probably take one more prototype to finalize the pattern before I have it available.

April Knit Lab I: Herringbone Rib Hats

Since finalizing the herringbone rib glove pattern, I’ve been exploring possibilities for a hat to go with them. My first attempt was an earflap hat. I still need to tinker with the proportions, but it makes a fun aviator style hat. Now I’m trying my hand at a watch cap. The first one came out a bit shorter than I had hoped, but I like the finished look of doubled-over edge. The second attempt will be longer. Check back for a progress report.

March Knit Lab: Custom Marl/Tweed

I’ve  had some requests for manly hats, but I wanted to make them more interesting to knit! Since its best to keep the pattern simple, I’ve  stuck with a rib stitch. I rummaged through my yarn stash to see what neutrals I had and was struck with the idea to pair a light gray worsted weight with some leftover fingering weight sock-ease to create a custom marl/ tweed effect. It allows me to add a little color while keeping the hat fairly neutral.

Here are the colors I’ve used, but it can be done with any of the great sock yarns out there.

Finished Hat: Lion Brand Wool-ease Oxford Gray & Sock-ease Toffee
Hat-in-progress: Wool-ease Natural Heather & Patons Kroy Socks Grey Brown Marl

Post a reply with your combos!