Prints: Untitled (Chevron), 2014


In celebration of the second day of spring—one of those classic gray, dreary, rainy, half-chilly/half-warm days—here is a Chevron print that I screened last fall. It’s sky blue and powder blue on steel gray. Call it Wintry Mix or Rainy Day Blues if you want, ’cause the sky is looking pretty neutral today. Anyway, this was a quickee, spur of the moment, impulse thing. I wanted to try another version on a colored stock and this combo seemed to fit the bill. Not bad, not great, it just is. Perfect for a day like today.


It’s too cold to get any editions cranking out in the workshop, but I needed to get a print out of my system just to move forward and clear my head. Here’s a quick little block print I did over the weekend (in a petite edition of eight) that seemed to do the trick.

I simply cannot wait for spring, when I can get out there and start putting all these ideas down on paper in vivid, luscious ink.

I’m thinking these might make their way into some upcoming mail order packages.