Gifting Knits: Baby Blanket

I was so pleased to finish this blanket in time for a friend who is expecting in the next month or so. I have given her the blanket, so now I can post it! I created similar blanket for a friend in the past, and was so pleased with how this one turned out. We picked out the yarn together to make sure we found the perfect combination for this reversible brioche stitch blanket. Since one yarn was worsted weight and the other was sport weight,  I knit two strands of the sport weight at the same time and it evened out perfectly.

The thickness and stretchiness of the fabric created is perfect for a snuggly baby blanket. You can find information on this stitch in the book Knitting Brioche by Nancy Marchant. This is the book I used to teach myself the technique and it includes the how-to on the cables as well. Happy knitting!

Knit Progress: Things to keep your hands warm

Since the hats, I’ve circled back to another idea I had for the brioche knitting technique. I thought it might work well to create a small, warm and stretchy pair of minimal fingerless gloves.

My experiment started with a short pair of fingerless mitts with a regular rib at the cuff and base of the fingers. The fabric created with the second yarn in brioche stitch expanded it more the way I expected and I added a button thumb hole, which was a bit tricky, but after a few tries was successful. I think these  turned out pretty cute in the Patons Classic Wool DK Superwash. I especially like some of the pairings you can create with solid and multi-color striping yarns they are offering.

I still had enough yarn to try a second pair. This time I simplified it more by creating cuffs without a thumb hole. These fit nicely – kind of like little extensions for your sweater this fall.  I wanted to try one more variation lengthening the cuff, so I used some other yarn I had in my stash for  a pop of color.

I don’t think I’ll be formalizing these into patterns, but if you want the notes, leave me a comment.

Knit Progress: Brioche Baby Blanket!

Its been a while since I’ve posted on knitting, but for good reason. I took most of last month to create a baby blanket. I attended the shower, so now I can post the pictures without ruining the surprise!

I recently got a book on brioche knitting techniques titled Knitting Brioche: The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch by Nancy Marchant. It is filled with an amazing array of brioche knitting techniques and I found it almost overwhelming with possibilities. Its a great resource that is well written with good photography of the technique. I was able to figure it out from the book without jumping on youtube for instructional videos :). I really love the look of the two color brioche stitch, and the blanket was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I added columns of cable stitches to give it a little more punch. I really like the way it turned out using a solid cream for one side and a multi-color yarn for the other. It makes the white raised rib side look like piped icing, which I think any little girl would like.

As it turns out, my little kitty Ginger thought I had made this blanket for her. I had to shoo her off it it more than once to a disgruntled meow. The brioche technique makes such a thick and warm fabric, its perfect for a blanket or throw.

If you haven’t tried the technique, I highly recommend it. It does take longer to build progress since you are essentially knitting each row twice, but it makes such a beautiful double-sided fabric. Once you get the trick of it, it is fairly easy to do.