New Year, Old Prints



So here we go. Off to a fresh start. Out with the old, in with the new. And so on and so forth.

And just like a car dealer at year’s end, here I am clearing out the remainder of the 2014 inventory to make way for the new stuff. Figuratively, not literally. You see, over the next few cold, dreary weeks of winter I’ve made it my mission to catalog (and post) the balance of editions and one-offs from the 2014 season.

So to kick things off, here’s a classic from the fall: “Untitled (Abstraction)” in lime and evergreen. It’s green, fresh and available in the shop.


Prints: “Untitled (Pinwheel)”


Things are shaping up nicely for the Cherokee Heights Arts Festival happening this weekend in Marietta.

I just finished up a suite of new “pinwheel” prints in various pop colors. With their rough edges, they’re a little retro, a little playful, and very, very colorful. Not sure what it all means, but they were a lot of fun to print.

These will be available first at the festival and later on at the Knits and Prints Etsy site. They’re printed up in very small quantities (three each), so act fast.

See you Saturday!





It’s too cold to get any editions cranking out in the workshop, but I needed to get a print out of my system just to move forward and clear my head. Here’s a quick little block print I did over the weekend (in a petite edition of eight) that seemed to do the trick.

I simply cannot wait for spring, when I can get out there and start putting all these ideas down on paper in vivid, luscious ink.

I’m thinking these might make their way into some upcoming mail order packages.