Updated Knit Pattern: Twisted Rib Reversible Hat

I finished this pattern this weekend after a long break. Not too much has changed, but I cleaned up the type, added some additional measurement information and included a chart for the crown decreases in addition to the written instructions. This hat is really simple, but looks great and works for a wide range of head sizes without modifications because it is so stretchy.

Buy it here on Etsy for $3.50.

Buy it here on Craftsy for $3.50.

Updated Knit Pattern: ZigZag Swirl Hat

Its been a long time coming, but I am finally finished updating the ZigZag Swirl hat pattern. The zigzag pattern has been revised from the original with the addition of a pattern chart as well as more detailed measurement information and yarn yardage.

I’ve also knit the sample up with my recommended yarn – Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Oak. The yarn has a wonderful feel, the right amount of bulk and a beautiful depth of color. I hope you enjoy!

Get it on Etsy for $3.50

Get it on Craftsy for $3.50

Updated Knit Pattern: Gingerbread Icing Ear Flap Hat

I got on a roll and reworked the Gingerbread Icing Ear Flap Hat pattern. I’ve made some modifications to the original pattern to make the crown decreases smoother and have adjusted the ear flap size and placement slightly. I’ve also added a number of charts that makes it easier for the chart-reading knitter, and flat measurements for many parts of the hat. Have fun!

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Get it on Craftsy for $3.50:

Updated Knit Pattern: Interweave Hat

This one was a quick update since the pattern is fairly simple. I really like this hat because it knits up quickly and is warm for winter. Looks good on men or women too! This update includes new pattern charts for the body pattern and the crown decrease. I’ve also written out the crown decrease rows in their entirety based on a specific row count, which makes it (hopefully) easier to follow.



Knit Pattern: Meringue Tam

This tam design came from a desire to create a nice full hat that would look cute with short hair and have some nice cable detail. I worked hard to create make the decreases even and as invisible as possible. The result reminds me of a meringue cookie! I hope you enjoy it!

Available on Craftsy for $2.50:

Available on Etsy for $2.50:

Knit Pattern: ZigZag Swirl Hat

After a few prototype, I have finalized the ZigZag Swirl hat pattern! I really like the subtle patterning and lightweight feel of this hat. The doubled over brim gives it a finished look. I hope you enjoy it!

Needles: US 4 circular and/or dpn
Yarn weight: DK/light weight worsted

You can purchase this pattern on Etsy for $2.50:

Also available on Craftsy for the same price:

Knit Pattern: Gingerbread Icing Ear Flap Hat

After a few tweaks, I have finalized the last Gingerbread Icing pattern for the ear flap hat. This pattern knits from the bottom up starting with the ear flaps. They are knit flat, then connected with a cast on brim that knits in the round. I hope you enjoy!

Available at Etsy for $2.50:
Gingerbread Icing Ear Flap Hat Pattern

Also available on Craftsy for the same price:

Knit Pattern: Herringbone Rib Aviator Hat

After a few experiments, I’ve settled on the final pattern for the herringbone rib ear flap hat. I’ve adjusted the decreases to keep the integrity of the pattern throughout the crown.

Its now available on Esty fpr $2.50:

Also available on Craftsy for the same price:

Free Knit Pattern: Gingerbread Icing Hat

I’ve made this hat a few times and it always turns out nice! Here are my pattern notes if you’d like to try it. Please note that the decrease rows may take a bit of finesse from the knitter near the top!


Knit Pattern: Twisted Rib Reversible Hat

This pattern is a very simple reversible rib patterned hat, great for men and women alike. The decreases at the crown are designed to minimize the interruption of the rib pattern and creates a nice round crown to the hat. The pattern as written runs a bit longer over the forehead and ears for a warm winter hat.

Size: Adult
Needles: Size US 8 circular and/or don
Yarn: Worsted weight or slightly heavier med weight – 1 skein

Purchase at my Etsy site for $2.50:

Also available on Craftsy for the same price: