Arts Festival Season: New Knits

After the slow-moving projects of summer, I’m back at top speed preparing for my neighborhood Arts Festival in November. I’m working on some new items that are quick to knit and I think will do well in that affordable “snap decision” price range. I liked the brioche knitting technique that I learned earlier this year and decided that it would be a perfect match for some winter ear warmer headbands – and let me use up the smaller skeins of yarn that I still have left in my stash, even after my summer pinwheel circle stash-busting project. I can make these at a rate of about one a day, so I’ve been able to make a bunch and have fun with the color!

Here’s my pattern:

US4 12 in circular needle / 2 colors worsted or DK weight yarn

Row 1: In color A, cast on 91sts w/ longtail method (make sure it is relaxed so it will have some stretch)
Row 2: k tog first and last stitch to join, p1, k1 to end
Row 3: k1, p1 rib
Row 4a: In color B, start brioche section, working the knit stitches in color B
Row 4b: In color A, continue broiche section, working the purl stitches in color A

Work paired brioche rows a total of 11-14 times depending on desired width of headband.

Note: When working brioche in the round, your row start will creep backward a stitch each pass. You will need to “catch” up the starting point of the row a few times in the process by working the stitches to the starting point of the row and then moving them back to the other needle to work the other half of the brioche row pairing to the row starting point. Make sure you are back the the beginning of your row in the last broiche row pair to finish.

Finish row 1: After the last “b” brioche row  is worked in color A, continue in k1, p1 rib in color A
Finish row 2: k1, p1 rib
BO: Bind of in the Italian method to create a springy edge, be sure to keep it relaxed to match the CO row.


Updated Knit Pattern: Herringbone Rib Fingerless Gloves

After may interruptions, I have finally completed the update to the Herringbone Rib fingerless gloves. I did knit them again, but decided to stick to the original photography because the colors show the pattern better than the darker yarn I used this time around, though the finished products are very pretty and perfect for fall. I am excited to have included a full pattern chart for the glove body and gusset increases, which I think help visualize what is happening in a way that is easier to follow than just reading the pattern. I hope you enjoy!

Buy it on Etsy for $3.50
Buy it on Craftsy for $3.50

Bonus: here are some pictures of the new gloves I knit to test the pattern.

Updated Knit Pattern: Cuffed ZigZag Fingerless Mitts

The pattern for the cuffed ZigZag fingerless mitts was in pretty good shape since it is one of my later patterns, but I still tweaked it a bit by reducing the number of cuffs rows by a few and adding in pattern charts so you can easily see the difference between the two. I left the original photography because it turned out so well. Enjoy!

Pattern is now available as an immediate download on Etsy and Craftsy!

Get it on Etsy for $3.50

Get it on Craftsy for $3.50

Updated Knit Pattern: Gingerbread Icing Ear Flap Hat

I got on a roll and reworked the Gingerbread Icing Ear Flap Hat pattern. I’ve made some modifications to the original pattern to make the crown decreases smoother and have adjusted the ear flap size and placement slightly. I’ve also added a number of charts that makes it easier for the chart-reading knitter, and flat measurements for many parts of the hat. Have fun!

Get it on Etsy for $3.50:

Get it on Craftsy for $3.50:

Updated Knit Pattern: Two Color Gloves

I’ve finished up the free patterns and have finally started working on updating my patterns that are for sale. I have also decided to increase the price of the patterns based on all the work that goes into revamping them and all the great new charts and images that I’ve added. I think they are worth it and hopefully you will too!

The first pattern I’ve tackled is the Two Color Fingerless gloves pattern. This pattern, like the Gingerbread Icing Hat, has two versions that are included in the pattern. I’ve also added a pattern chart, finished measurements for each size, yarn yardage information for each size, and pictures of my new samples to show you how they should look.

I think I’m most excited about a quick reference color chart that I made so you can easily reference what pattern row and color you should be working on without having to read back through the written instructions. Enjoy!

Two Color Gloves on Etsy: $3.50

Two Color Gloves on Craftsy: $3.50

Knit Pattern: Meringue Tam

This tam design came from a desire to create a nice full hat that would look cute with short hair and have some nice cable detail. I worked hard to create make the decreases even and as invisible as possible. The result reminds me of a meringue cookie! I hope you enjoy it!

Available on Craftsy for $2.50:

Available on Etsy for $2.50:

Knit Pattern: Cuffed ZigZag Fingerless Mitts

The pattern is finally done! I’ve been working hard to add useful information and recheck my patterns to make them easier to follow. I’ve also added some additional photographs so you can see how things are supposed to look. This pattern is a bit longer than previous offerings because the pattern knits differently on each glove to mirror the zigzags. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ve knit this with a few different colorways of Malabrigo Silky Merino and they look great. I’ll have some new pictures on Ravelry and Craftsy soon.

You can purchase this pattern for the price of $2.50 here:


or Etsy:


Knit Pattern: ZigZag Swirl Hat

After a few prototype, I have finalized the ZigZag Swirl hat pattern! I really like the subtle patterning and lightweight feel of this hat. The doubled over brim gives it a finished look. I hope you enjoy it!

Needles: US 4 circular and/or dpn
Yarn weight: DK/light weight worsted

You can purchase this pattern on Etsy for $2.50:

Also available on Craftsy for the same price:

Free Knit Pattern: Interweave Hat

Here’s a quick bonus pattern for you to download for free! I like making this with a worsted weight and a sock weight yarn knit together to create a custom marl/tweed. The box crown makes the decrease at the top really fast. Enjoy!


Updated pattern 01.24.13

Knit Pattern: Herringbone Rib Fingerless Gloves

This pattern is a beautiful herringbone texture – the pattern is mirrored on palm and back of the hand and is continued over the thumb. Pattern can be made with US6 or US7 to achieve slightly different looks. The smaller needles make a shorter and smoother glove when worn (gray glove). The Larger needles create a longer and more textured glove when worn (green glove).

This pattern is available in my Etsy site for $2.50:

Also available on Craftsy for the same price: