Baby Knits – Socks


With a baby gift to make, I decided to stay on the knit socks roll. I started with a search of Ravelry’s pattern database and found a great simple (and free) pattern by Judy Kaethler called Cozy Little Toes. I like that this pattern was created and tested by a mom making socks for her baby. It includes sizing for 3 months & 6 months with very easy and complete directions to follow. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for quick baby gift. It took me two days to complete the set. I used a beautifully dyed sock yarn from Spartickes Dyes called Tootsie’s (inspired by the Nashville cultural landmark of the same name) on Will & Grace Sock base.

Holiday Knitting Round-Up 2014

While I haven’t posted knitting projects in a long time, it was not because I wasn’t knitting. I just didn’t want to ruin any holiday surprises! It has been a season of socks, gloves and some arm-knitted infinity scarves!

Knit Progress – Gift Edition October

The Cherokee Heights Arts Festival is a week away and I’ve finished all of my knits with time to spare. All that’s left is the tagging and finalizing of booth details. In the meantime, I’ve picked back up with holiday knits and have finished two new pairs of socks using my His Simple Socks pattern. So easy to keep count! The top pair features Shibui Sock in kelp and the bottom is Frolicking Feet in Southwest Gem.

I was surprised by the Kelp color striping, but the color variation is really beautiful. I liked that the Southwest Gem was more regular and makes a nice textured stripe. The blue is an eye-popping cyan in the sunlight.

I’ve currently switched over to women’s socks, working with a self-striping violet combo – now I just need to try to line up the stripes as I start the second sock!

Knit Progress: Socks & gloves


Summer is time for me to start looking forward to end of year presents and our local arts festival. After finishing up my new sock patterns, I decided to make two more pairs of the Twists and Braids socks with some newly acquired Madelinetosh Tosh Sock yarn. I love the vibrancy of the yarns and it was fun to see how the pattern looks in Flashdance versus Antique Lace.

The sock patterns translate nicely into simple fingerless gloves, my most popular item at the Cherokee Heights Arts Festival in November. I have a bunch of stashed yarn, so I’ll be working through some of it to create items for the fall. I enjoy working within the constraints of the yarn colors and textures I have available to create combinations I wouldn’t have paired otherwise. Look for lots of glove updates soon!

Vacation State of Mind: Knit Progress


We got back from our yearly trip to the beach, but I find I’m still in a vacation state of mind – I’m not quite ready to tackle my next knitting design project. So instead, I’ve been using up all of my little scrappy bits of yarn left over from projects to create little pinwheel pieces that will someday become a patchwork afghan. If you’ve read this blog before, you may remember this project from last summer.

I ended up using the pieces I knit then to create a piece to donate to the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art yarn bomb installation, which is currently on display and will be up until September. I really liked how that piece turned out, so I decided to give it another shot and am building up a stash of knit pieces while depleting my stash of odds & ends yarn. A win-win!

I finished another pair of Cadence socks on vacation, too. Pictured below, the pattern is great and I love the color. I’ll keep going on the pinwheels for a while longer, then it will be back to the design drawing board.

Summer break knits: Socks!

After winning a great pattern called On Stranger Tides by Lara Smoot from the Peacefully Knitting blog (I highly recommend both), I have been inspired to explore socks! I’ve knit a few pairs in the past, but there is something especially inviting about the size of this type of project in these hot summer months. I also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get a head start on some Christmas presents – who wouldn’t enjoy a beautiful pair of hand knit socks?

I’ve already knit the two patterns below and vouch for the beauty of the socks and the quality of the instructions:

On Strangers Tides by Lara Smoot – keep an eye out for another great pattern she has in the works too!
Cadence Socks by verybusymonkey

Here is a round up of a few more patterns I’ve found on Ravelry that I plan to give a try:

Treetop Socks by Heidi M. Scheppmann
Magic Mirror by Jeannie Cartmel
Mermaid by BarGie

Do you have a favorite sock pattern? Feel free to share it in the comments!