Knit Progress: holiday hats

I took a few skeins of yarn with me on our Thankgiving trip and was able to complete a few hats. I did the Meringue hat pattern in Malabrigo silky merino and it makes a nice soft lighter weight version of this hat. I ended up adding a few rows in the ribbed section to make the band wider and added a few rows to the body before the decrease rows to make this hat a bit fuller.

I was also able to visit a new yarn store called The Slip Knot in Newton Square, PA and picked up a few more skeins of Cascade Yarns Eco Alpaca and a nice tweed of another brand that was on sale. Its a great little shop with a nice selection of weights and brands with a big table in the back for knitting. I’ll try to go back next time I’m in town.

I made the black and white striped hat with the Eco Alpaca for myself. Its already been keeping my head warm. I’ve also just finished up another of these hats using the leftover black and smoke yarn I had from a hat and a pair of gloves and made another  striped hat  for Christmas.

Next up I am making a pair of gloves to match an existing hat and then I’ll have two more custom dog sweaters to complete in the next week or two. Check back to see how those turn out!

Let me know if you’re still trying to finish up some presents for the holidays in the next few  weeks. Its nice to know I’m not the only one!

September Progress Report – Dog Sweaters!

I’ve been working through a few more custom requests this past week and just finished up these two cute dog sweaters! The pattern is based off of an argyle pattern I used before, but the color changing yarn makes it extra fun! In addition I got in a request for a pair of  Cuffed ZigZag Mitts in an Alpaca and silk blend for someone allergic to wool. I used Blue Sky Alpacas’ Alpaca Silk in Sapphire. What a wonderfully luxurious yarn – so soft! I love trying new yarn. Now I’m back to personal projects, trying to finish up a lace shawl for a Christmas present. Hopefully I’ll be posting pics of it soon.

Progress Report: August 2012

Its been a while since I’ve posted an update on my progress, but I’ve been having a very busy month starting with the Olympics and Ravelry’s Ravellenic Games 2012 challenge. I decided to do the Sagrantino Shawl in a beautiful gray, which was a challenge because I normally don’t work on larger pieces. This would probably have been fine over the course of the Olympics, but on the eve of the challenge, I got in a number of custom orders through Etsy. The first one was a rush order for two hats that I needed to finish within a week. I got those done, but it took up a number of days and then I had to fight to the finish to get the shawl completed and blocked by Sunday afternoon!

After that I went right into another custom order for a dog sweater – so much fun to knit and each one is different because I customize the fit to each dog. Its amazing how different dogs are! I’ll be starting on a second dog sweater and then I have a number of standard hats for another order. Those should be easy since I don’t have to modify the pattern. I’ll be knitting away through the end of the month, then I hope to get back to finishing up the Puff Mitt pattern to post!

What I Knit on my Vacation

I had a few lovely days at the Jersey shore and brought my books and knitting along to enjoy some time relaxing. In addition to the knitting, we took walks and bike rides and visited the boardwalk. The best thing about knitting is you can do it pretty much anywhere, including on the beach. While I was there I also went into a great little local yarn store and got this red color changing yarn by Austermann called Murano Lace that is actually DK weight. Perfect for this matching hat and glove set!

July Knit Lab III: Buttoned Puff Mitts part II


After finishing up the first pair of gloves, I jumped into a second pair to write down the instructions more completely. I used this beautiful Madelintosh Merino in Corsage. It reminded me of tulip tree blossoms in the spring. I really like this yarn and found the perfect buttons to use with it. After finishing the first one and starting the second, I decided to try doing the button hole section in standard stockinette on my third pair that I am working in a lighter worsted weight that I will use for my final measurements, etc. I like these a lot, but I think the button area will look a bit neater in the next version.

July Knit Lab II: Buttoned Dandelion Puff gloves

I’ve started working on my next pattern, which will be another fingerless gloves project. I’ve been working on iterations of these gloves for over a year and decided it was time to get it down on paper. I started out with the idea of making a glove with a ruched palm area. I liked how these looked, but decided to go further with the contrast in volume and explore both adding stitches and changing needle size to create these fun dandelion puff gloves. The volume in the palm makes them feel somewhere between a glove and a mitten and makes a nice pocket of warm air around your hand in the winter.

Unlike previous versions, I’ve reworked the cuff to button up the side. I’ve finished the first one and am working on the mirrored version for the other. It does take a little extra work to sew on the buttons, but picking them out is so much fun and they can really add a lot of personality!

June Knit Lab I: Chevron Rib Cap

I got a request for a custom hat similar to a test I had done using the chevron rib pattern for the aviator hat, so I went back and made a new pattern based on it. The first one I knit came out a bit pointy, so I made a second version where I revised the decreases in the crown to make a more rounded shape. The second one came out as I had hoped and the recipient was very happy!

After that first hat, I made two more and have been working to write down the pattern. I may be releasing it in the near future. I need to make some final tweaks to the decreases, but I especially like how it turned out using Lionbrand’s Amazing Yarn in the Cobblestone colorway (first hat pictured).