Knit Progress: A few more hats

I think I broke a personal record for hats knit in one week! I managed to knit eight hats from the balls of scrap yarn I created last weekend. I was having so much fun pairing the colors, I couldn’t stop. The hats above are the last 4 I created at the end of the week. The last two pictures are of the same hat. I like the subtle color transitions in some of them – the gray one stands out to me especially, but I also like the vibrance of the teal and green and the purples & reds.

I also purchased a few more skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino to round out my glove inventory. It took a while, but I finally settled on three colors that I call Apple Harvest – a golden “Topaz”, a beautiful deep red “Burgundy”, and a granny smith shade of “Lettuce.” I’ll be working on gloves for the next week or two and then it’s back to holiday presents!

Yarn Love: Malabrigos’ Silky Merino

Fall is just around the corner, which means kicking the knitting into high gear for the Cherokee Heights Arts Festival and Holiday presents! When I started my stash busting/inventory building this summer I had a few skeins of Malabrigo’s Silky Merino that were perfect for making some fingerless gloves. I was knitting with size US5 needles and found that after blocking, I loved the lighter, looser fabric that the yarn creates, as well as the beautiful sheen and softness perfect for gloves. I fell in love with the combination and bought a number of other colors and can’t seem to stop!

The gloves above will mostly be given away as presents (except the teal pair which I made to match my fall sweater coat), but I’m making a few more pairs for the festival. I’ve found that I can get one and a half pairs of gloves from one skein, so I am combining the remnants of two colors to make a third pair. That’s a pretty good return for a moderately priced, but luxurious-feeling skein!

Updated Knit Pattern: Herringbone Rib Fingerless Gloves

After may interruptions, I have finally completed the update to the Herringbone Rib fingerless gloves. I did knit them again, but decided to stick to the original photography because the colors show the pattern better than the darker yarn I used this time around, though the finished products are very pretty and perfect for fall. I am excited to have included a full pattern chart for the glove body and gusset increases, which I think help visualize what is happening in a way that is easier to follow than just reading the pattern. I hope you enjoy!

Buy it on Etsy for $3.50
Buy it on Craftsy for $3.50

Bonus: here are some pictures of the new gloves I knit to test the pattern.

Updated Knit Pattern: Cuffed ZigZag Fingerless Mitts

The pattern for the cuffed ZigZag fingerless mitts was in pretty good shape since it is one of my later patterns, but I still tweaked it a bit by reducing the number of cuffs rows by a few and adding in pattern charts so you can easily see the difference between the two. I left the original photography because it turned out so well. Enjoy!

Pattern is now available as an immediate download on Etsy and Craftsy!

Get it on Etsy for $3.50

Get it on Craftsy for $3.50

Knit Progress: holiday hats

I took a few skeins of yarn with me on our Thankgiving trip and was able to complete a few hats. I did the Meringue hat pattern in Malabrigo silky merino and it makes a nice soft lighter weight version of this hat. I ended up adding a few rows in the ribbed section to make the band wider and added a few rows to the body before the decrease rows to make this hat a bit fuller.

I was also able to visit a new yarn store called The Slip Knot in Newton Square, PA and picked up a few more skeins of Cascade Yarns Eco Alpaca and a nice tweed of another brand that was on sale. Its a great little shop with a nice selection of weights and brands with a big table in the back for knitting. I’ll try to go back next time I’m in town.

I made the black and white striped hat with the Eco Alpaca for myself. Its already been keeping my head warm. I’ve also just finished up another of these hats using the leftover black and smoke yarn I had from a hat and a pair of gloves and made another  striped hat  for Christmas.

Next up I am making a pair of gloves to match an existing hat and then I’ll have two more custom dog sweaters to complete in the next week or two. Check back to see how those turn out!

Let me know if you’re still trying to finish up some presents for the holidays in the next few  weeks. Its nice to know I’m not the only one!

Knit Progress: grab bag of stuff

I’ve been working on a number of projects the past few weeks, most of them being custom order items or Christmas presents on my own holiday list! Here is a grouping of a bunch of those projects. A friend of mine asked me to make these simple I-cord necklaces as a gift and I liked them so much, I made some for myself to use as minimal scarves this winter. I had some small balls of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino left over from other projects and they were perfect for this type of project where you need just a bit of yarn. Here’s a quick video to show you how to do it. I used US8 dpns and worked over 4 stitches. I also have quick instructions in this craftsy project.

I’ll be starting on a hat and another set of gloves or two for some Christmas presents of my own. I’ve been working with Malabrigo Silky Merino again and remembered why I love it – so soft with a beautiful sheen!

Happy Thanksgiving this week!

Progress Report June: fingerless mitts in Malabrigo Silky Merino

I bought a few skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino a while back and had to try them out on the new fingerless mitts pattern. Its interesting to see how the colors vary through the pattern. Some of the skeins also varied in texture a bit, but they all worked well with this pattern. It makes me want to try a few more of the colorways, but I’ll have to wait until I’ve worked through some more of my yarn stash. I’ve decided to work out the instructions from one of my previous fingerless glove experiments next which I call Dandelion Puff mitts, which will work with worsted weight. Look for updates soon!

Knit Pattern: Cuffed ZigZag Fingerless Mitts

The pattern is finally done! I’ve been working hard to add useful information and recheck my patterns to make them easier to follow. I’ve also added some additional photographs so you can see how things are supposed to look. This pattern is a bit longer than previous offerings because the pattern knits differently on each glove to mirror the zigzags. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ve knit this with a few different colorways of Malabrigo Silky Merino and they look great. I’ll have some new pictures on Ravelry and Craftsy soon.

You can purchase this pattern for the price of $2.50 here:


or Etsy: