Print: Untitled (Chevron)

Worked on new edition this past weekend—a new colorway of a recent design, to be precise. This time out it was a rich burgundy and a vibrant magenta on bright white stock. I got a few great one-offs in random colors too, which I’ll share later. These are now available on Etsy.

Print: Untitled

I finished up another edition over the weekend. This time I wanted to try printing white ink on a colored sheet. The ink went down smoothly and crisply to my delight.

I’ve updated my documentation style by photographing the prints in a frame to offer a bit of context and a better sense of scale.

Available at Etsy:
Untitled (Chevron) 

Prints: New Edition


Finished up a new set of prints this weekend. It turned out better than I ever thought it would. The inks were looking a little too thin as I was mixing them up, but both the white and florescent orange went down smoothly, crisply, flawlessly, effortlessly. I’m quite pleased. The finished product will be up soon.

Print: Untitled II

The new print is complete! The magenta turned out really nice. It just pops off the sheet with vibrancy. I think I’ll put this design to bed now, though I may do a very different third version before I do. Odd numbers do seem to work best. We’ll see.