Prints: Untitled (Corporate Identity)


It’s finally here! My latest four-color print is now complete. Actually, it’s been done for a while but I’ve been wrestling with the decision of which way to orient it for quite some time. You see, these are the types of decisions that really occupy my time in the studio. You know, the really, truly heavy ones. Like, whether it’s the bright orange and purple on top or the magenta and metallic gold.

Bright, saturated color was what I was after with this guy—and pursuing something a little more complex than my typical two-color editions. I’m looking forward to exploring this route further. Two-color art—and even one-color work—can be beautiful, but why put a limit on it? One of my favorite things about this process is getting to work with rich colors, so let’s see where things go. Gaudy? Possibly. Ugly? Never. Why not see how far I can push it.

Experience has proven that I have no trouble limiting myself, so I know I’ll be back to some nice, safe and oh so sublime minimal aesthetics before long. Mark my words, but enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Going public in the shop.



Prints: New Work


Four bright, pop colors and metallics make up a new edition that I’ll be putting the finishing touches on this week. It was great fun to be out in the studio again for most of the extended Memorial Day weekend. I loosened up as the weekend progressed, revisiting some older artwork applied with new colors that ended up leading to some new ideas.

I’m still amazed that one little sketch or one little accident can open up new worlds of experience. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out or think that nothing new can be created, all of a sudden something new rises to the surface. I really have no idea why after years of designing and making, after years in art school and working professionally that I’m still surprised at all of this, but I am. Inspiration always comes. It may leave you hanging for way too long, but eventually it always comes.

Nevertheless, there’s lots of new stuff that came out of these sessions that I’ll share with you over the next few weeks.

Prints: New Edition


Finished up a new set of prints this weekend. It turned out better than I ever thought it would. The inks were looking a little too thin as I was mixing them up, but both the white and florescent orange went down smoothly, crisply, flawlessly, effortlessly. I’m quite pleased. The finished product will be up soon.